The Neuromuscular Diseases group of the IR Sant Pau participates in the annual meeting of the CIBERNED

Dr. Eduard Gallardo, researcher in the Neuromuscular Diseases Group of the Sant Pau Research Institute, has shared the details of his participation in the recent presentation in Bilbao as part of the CIBERNED annual meeting.

During his speech, Dr. Gallardo emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration between the different CIBERs from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Among its outstanding proposals are the facilitation of research projects with groups from the Neurological Diseases Program of CIBERER, as well as with other programs related to these pathologies. He also highlighted the importance of the exchange of samples for research, either by entering them into the CIBERER biobank or using the ENoD platform to diagnose patients with genetic diseases without a clear diagnosis.

In addition, Dr. Gallardo offered his support and advice to facilitate the procedures related to the designation of substances as orphan drugs, a crucial task in the field of rare diseases.

This initiative represents a fundamental step towards improving the research and treatment of neurological diseases, showing the commitment of Dr. Gallardo and his team in the fight against these pathologies.

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