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Sant Pau publishes in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

The Sant Pau Medical Oncology Service, in collaboration with the Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases Research Group of the Sant Pau Research Institute-IIB, led by Dr. Silvia Vidal, has published an article in the journal Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. The article, “Circulating Leukocyte-platelet complex as a Predictive Biomarker for the development of immune-related Adverse events in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving anti-PD- (L) 1 blocking agents”, is the result of collaboration between the two teams over more than two years, which has led to the identification of a predictive profile of increased risk of adverse effects of immunotherapy treatment in a group of lung cancer patients receiving immunotherapy treatment.

For both teams, this represents the consolidation of a profile of multidisciplinary collaborations with other groups at the Sant Pau Research Institute in line with the strategic lines of both institutions.



Circulating leukocyte-platelet complexes as a predictive biomarker for the development of immune-related adverse events in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving anti-PD-(L)1 blocking agents

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