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Clinapsis is an online application for the design and management of epidemiologic and clinical studies.


Its main functions are as follows:

  • To help design and manage single-centre and multicentric studies according to their specific requirements as clinical trials, observational studies, etc.
  • To facilitate the monitoring and management of studies by research groups and the institution.
  • To assign study roles to each person with access to the application.
  • To facilitate the flexible preparation of data collection questionnaires based on modifications to existing questionnaires.
  • To facilitate accurate data entry (in duplicate if required) by reducing or detecting errors.
  • To monitor study development and improve study planning and documentation.
  • To easily export data to be processed externally via a statistical or graphical program.
  • To ensure compliance with data protection legislation.


For further information:

Clinical Epidemiology and Healthcare Services


Tel. 93 553 7808 / 7814


Platform funded by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) Infrastructure Improvement Programme for Health Research Institutes (PROMIS) PROMIS12/00001.


Last update: 23 de May de 2018

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