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“Evidencias COVID-19” is a resource that offers relevant information in relation to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 pandemic. It is developed by members of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network, which includes researchers from IIB Sant Pau research groups.

This resource collects several documents that summarise —in the form of literature review and critical appraisals of studies— the most relevant information to provide an answer to clinical questions and priority topics regarding the pandemic. These contents are developed by members of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network in order to summarise and update the available COVID-19-related knowledge and are disseminated to provide a collective answer to the current situation.


Types of documents:

– COVID-19 Answers: rapid literature reviews that answer to priority questions —locally and globally— based on other existing knowledge translation products or primary studies, if necessary.

– COVID-19 Studies: structured comments of relevant studies with new or original information on coronavirus and COVID-19.

– COVID-19 Clinical trials: structured comments of published clinical trials of treatments for COVID-19 patients or disease prevention strategies.

–Cochrane Reviews: links to the Cochrane systematic reviews included in the Special Collections that Cochrane developed as contents related COVID-19 pandemic for disease control and prevention, and for critical care.

– Epistemonikos Reviews – COVID-19 L•OVE Working Group: links to the systematic reviews developed by the COVID-19 L•OVE Working Group to provide rapid and rigorous support to the COVID-19 emergency.

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