Mission, functions and areas of action

The Ethics Committee for research with medicinal products (CEIm) is an independent body which, in accordance with the corresponding legal provisions, ensures that the rights, safety and wellbeing of clinical trial subjects are protected. The CEIm provides public assurance of that protection by reviewing and approving clinical trial protocols and the methods used to collect and document the informed consent of the subjects and by ensuring the suitability of investigators, facilities and materials.

More specifically, its functions are as follows:

  • To assess the methodological, ethical and legal aspects of:
    • Clinical trials with medicines and medical products
    • Observational studies
    • Pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenetic studies
    • Studies evaluating psychological treatments and surgical procedures.
    • Studies involving invasive procedures and the use of health data (medical records and biological samples).
  • To evaluate amendments and modifications to projects approved by the CEIC.
  • To track and monitor clinical trials with drugs and clinical research with medical products.

CEIm Composition

The composition of the CEIm attached to the HSCSP is as follows:


  • Rober Belvís Nieto. Physician. Specialist in Medical Neurology


  • Estela Moreno Martínez. Farmacèutica. Especialista en Hospital Pharmacology.


  • Milagros Alonso Martínez. Physician. Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology


  • Juan Ángel Aibar Durán. Physician. Specialist in Neurosurgery.
  • Núria Alberich Margalef. Lawyer and DPD
  • Cristina Arqueros Nuñez. Physician. Specialist in Oncology.
  • Maria Rosa Ballester Verneda. Pharmacist.
  • Claudia Erika Delgado Espinoza. Physician. Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Beatriz Fernández-Montells Rama. Biomedical Engineer.
  • Ignasi Gich Saladich. Physician.
  • Marta Lestón Vázquez. Primary care pharmacist.
  • Laia Matas Pericas. Physician. Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Indalecio Morán Chorro. Physician. Specialist in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Silvana Novelli Canales. Physician. Specialist in Haematology.
  • Maria Jesús Portella Moll. Psychologist.
  • Marta Pujol Benaiges. Patient’s representative. Non sanitary.
  • Maria Teresa Ricart Basagaña. Nurse.
  • Miguel Alberto Rizzi Bordigoni. Physician. Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Santiago Sánchez Cabús, Santiago. Physician. Specialist in Digestive Surgery
  • Jordi Torralbas Ortega. Nurse.
  • Lucía Vallez Valero. Pharmacist.
  • Miguel Àngel Viciana Rodríguez. User Attention Unit.


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