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Internal policies and regulations of interest

Listed below are the main policies and regulations of relevance to HSCSP-IR staff from the scientific and professional perspectives:

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The European Commission’s Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) supports research institutions in the implementation of the European charter for researchers and the code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers. Implementation of the Charter & Code aims to make research centres attractive to researchers seeking new professional projects. The Human Resources Excellence in Research seal identifies organizations committed to the implementation of the HRS4R.



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 HSCSP-IR Action Plan

The HSCSP-IR began implementing the HRS4R in October 2014 with the creation of a working group composed of researchers and research managers. This working group examined compliance with 40 principles outlined in the Charter & Code, set priorities and drew up an action plan for the following four years containing 19 measures aimed at developing new research facilities, improving research staff internal and external communications, strengthening planning for training, fostering participation of researchers in decision-making bodies, and developing staff evaluation measures and complaints/appeals procedures, among others. This plan of action (see below) was submitted to the European Commission in February 2015 and  the right to use the Human Resources Excellence in Research seal (see image) was granted on 23 May 2015.

This seal paves the way towards a continuous improvement strategy that does not stop once the seal has been granted.  It has thus been agreed with researchers and the European Commission to implement the action plan approved for the period to 2018 and to develop a new strategy for the period from 2019.

Click the link to consult the action plan:

HRS4R IR Sant Pau – Action Plan 2015-2018

HRS4R IR Sant Pau – Action Plan 2015-2018 – follow-up 201220

HRS4R IR Sant Pau – Action Plan 2021-2024 – follow up Oct’22

Click the link to consult the Human resources policy:

Human resources policy_V1

Last update: 24 de January de 2024

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