The Centre for Drug Research (CIM) began its activities in 1983, in collaboration with the Clinical Pharmacology Department of the HSCSP and the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).


The CIM conducts clinical trials with drugs and clinical research in two areas:

Research as a business unit

  • Phase I clinical trials (of no therapeutic interest for participants) in special populations and healthy volunteers (bioequivalence, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, first administration in humans).
  • Collaboration with HSCSP researchers in conducting phase II, III and IV clinical trials.

Research in Neuropsychopharmacology

Evaluation of the effects of psychotropic drugs and other substances active in the central nervous system on the sleep-wake cycle:Studies of effects during wakefulness (behavioural safety).

  • Studies of effects during wakefulness (behavioural safety).
  • Studies of effects on sleep quality and architecture.


To carry out these functions two different areas are distinguished:

Care area (4 sections)

  • Admissions, with 24 beds (in four modules) that allow 100% continuous visual control and two beds for polysomnography studies.
  • Outpatient area, with four single rooms equipped for medical, physical and neuropsychological and psychomotor performance testing.
  • Rest and services area: showers, toilets, kitchen, diningroom, leisure room.
  • Restricted area for drug storage and for the processing and storage of biological samples.

Data management and processing area


  • Five computerized offices to carry out non-experimental clinical trial activities.
  • Monitors’ area (1 room).
  • Temporary documentation archive (1 room).


Further information: CIM Sant Pau Dossier

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