Ethics Commitee for Animal Research (CEEA – IR SANT PAU)

The Ethics Committee for Animal Research of the Research Institute of the HSCSP is an independent body that according to the current legislation on laboratory research animals (European Directive 2010/63/EU, Spanish RD 53/2013 and Catalan Decret 214/1997) serves as an expert and advisory committee in the area of animal experimentation, with members drawn from various disciplines – basic research, veterinary medicine, animal welfare and, human medicine. No animal research can be carried out in the Animal Facilities of the IRHSCSP without the ECAR approval.

The working guiding principles of this Committee are good science and good animal welfare, based on the 3R’s Principles: replacement, refinement and reduction.

The functions of ethics committee for animal research are the following:

  1. Report favorably on the implementation of the experimental projects after verifying the suitability of the procedure in relation to the objectives of the study, the possibility to achieve valid results with the minimum number of animals, the consideration of alternative methods to animal use and the suitability of the selected species.
  2. Ensure that animals do not suffer unnecessarily and that they are given, when needed, analgesics, anesthetics or other methods to eliminate pain, suffering or distress.
  3. Supervise that humanitarian euthanasic methods are used.
  4. Ensure that personnel involved in the procedure is qualified to perform the assigned tasks.
  5. Review already assessed procedures or suspend those procedures already initiated that do not comply with the requisites established by the protocol.

President: Dra. Laura Casaní
Secretary: Sr. Sergi Florit

Dra. Sandra Camino
Dr. Jose Guerra
Dra. Esther Jorge
Dra. Esther Peña
Dra. Cristina Rodriguez
Dra. Elisabet Sánchez
Dra. Gemma Vilahur

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