Instal·lació Radioactiva

Supervisor in charge

Javier Crespo


The Radioactivity Unit provides groups with specific research laboratories in which to work with radioactive isotopes in liquid form.

These areas are fully equipped and adapted for the handling of radioactive material and apply optimum measures for the safety and radioprotection of staff and the environment.

This area has been authorized by the nuclear safety authority and its staff supervise compliance with the corresponding laws, guidelines and regulations.

Services include support for:

  • In vitro labelling of proteins, lipoproteins and liposomes.
  • Cellular proliferation and toxicity.
  • Nucleic acid labelling.
  • Immunoassay techniques.
  • Determination of enzymatic activities using radiolabelled substrates.
  • Analysis and separation of labelled molecules.
  • Cellular cholesterol efflux.
  • In vivo metabolism.


The Radioactivity Unit has the following facilities:

  • 1 room for radioactive material storage.
  • 7 equipped laboratories, one of them refrigerated.
  • 1 room for gamma- and beta- counters.
  • 1 room for radioactive waste storage.
  • 1 room for controlled disposal of radioactive waste.
  • Radioactive liquid waste containers for controlled radioactive waste disposal.
  • Shielding accessories for radiation safety (table top shields, shielded containers, protective equipment, etc).
  • Portable radiation and environmental contamination detectors.
  • 1 ventilated rack for in vivo studies.
  • 2 chemical safety cabinets for gas extraction.
  • 1 vertical laminar air flow cabinet for cell cultures.
  • 1 CO2 incubator for cell cultures.

Last update: 30 de November de 2023

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