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Sandra Camino
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The Genomics and Transcriptomics platform is a core facility focused on giving advice, offering specific services in genomics or transcriptomics techniques, and making specific equipment available to researchers and the scientific community.

Specifically, GT Platform offers the following services:

-Quantitation and quality control of nucleic acid samples (Qubit 3.0, Nanodrop 2000, and Bioanalyzer 2100)

-Sample processing for Microarrays studies (Gene expression, miRNA profiles, Cytogenetics, GWAS)

-Real-time PCR projects (Gene expression, miRNA detection, allelic discrimination, CNV, absolute quantification….)

-Next-Generation Sequencing: exome sequencing, targeted RNA or DNA sequencing (Ampli-Seq technology), small RNA sequencing, de novo sequencing, ChiP-Seq, 16S sequencing, metagenomics…

-Sanger Sequencing: DNA sequencing, mutation and polymorphism analysis, DNA methylation studies, microorganisms identification…

-Fragment analysis: cell line authentication, copy number (MLPA), LOH, genotyping studies, microsatellites instability, DNA repeat expansion studies….

-Omics Data analysis

Some of the equipment used to carry out these techniques can be accessible for researchers after specific user training.

PSCT-GT offers a quality service guaranteed for the ISO 9001: 2015 certification. GT platform is a Quality Accredited facility since 2009.


  • Affymetrix GS 3000 System array platform (upgrade 7G).
  • 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR system (96-well, 384-well, and TLDA blocs) (AB-ThermoFisher Sci)
  • Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent Tech).
  • Nanodrop 2000 (ThermoFisher Sci).
  • Qubit 3.0 (ThermoFisher Sci)
  • Infinite M200 PRO (Tecan) microplate reader: spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, luminometer.
  • 3130xl Genetic Analyzer capillary electrophoresis sequencer (ThermoFisher Sci).
  • Ion GeneStudio S5 Next-Generation Sequencing System, with Ion Chef System (ThermoFisher Sci).


  • IRHSCSP. “Affymetrix Microarrays System”. Co-funding: FEDER.
  • IRHSCSP. “DNA genetic analyzer and protein arrays platform for the Genomics and Proteomics area of the Technical Laboratory for scientific and technical support”. IF07/3675-1. Co-funding: FEDER.


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Last update: 15 de March de 2022

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