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Sant Pau wins three of the La Marató de TV3 fellowships

The Board of Trustees of the La Marató de TV3 Foundation has granted 694,987.51 euros to Sant Pau. Three projects out of the five applied for have been chosen to receive one of the 37 grants awarded by La Marató 2016 in projects focused on finding tangible advances in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of motor, sensory and cognitive disabilities that cause stroke and traumatic injuries to the spine and brain.

The three Sant Pau projects that have been financed by La Marató 2016 are the following:

Dra. Raquel Delgado Mederos
Cerebrovascular Diseases Unit, Neurology Service of Sant Pau.
Coordinated project “Stroke, stroke unit, rehabilitation, optics, diffuse correlation spectroscopy, cerebral blood flow, brain self-regulation.“, 298.000,00 €.

Dra. Elena Jiménez Xarrié
Sant Pau Research Institute
Lipoprotein biomarkers to determine the inflammation of carotid plaque in ischaemic stroke.“, 197.575,00 €.

Dr. Gerard Urrutia Cuchí
Epidemiology Service of Sant Pau
Effectiveness of a core stability exercise program on dynamic balance in seating, trunk control and functional rehabilitation in patients with subacute stroke: randomized clinical trial.“, 199.412,51 €.

The funds raised in the 2016 edition of La Marató, which amount to 11.3 million euros, will boost awareness and research on stroke and traumatic spinal cord injuries. The 70 award-winning teams will work over the next three years to gain more and more quality of life for people who have had a stroke or traumatic injury to the spine or brain. Of the total number of works, 17 are unitary and 20 are coordinated between two or more research institutions.

With these new 37 projects, La Marató has already added 794 in its 25 years of history, which have brought important results in the health of citizens and notable advances in knowledge, prevention, prognosis and treatment of multiple diseases.

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