Technical staff

Iris Rodríguez

Iván Samblás


  • To create and maintain a collection of healthy and unhealthy human biological samples in optimal conditions for use in research projects.
  • To facilitate collaboration by bringing researchers together and making human biological sample transfer possible.
  • To supply (on a non-profit basis) human biological samples to research groups in accordance with legal regulations.
  • To obtain, process and store human biological samples in accordance with international standards, ensuring sample traceability and safety in accordance with legal requirements.
  • To provide training in legal regulations and ethical standards governing the management of human biological samples.
  • To provide histopathology services:
    • Tissue processing.
    • Paraffin block sectioning with microtome and OCT.
    • Block sectioning with microtome/cryostat.
    • Automatic immune staining (single and double).
    • Staining (Giemsa, hematoxylin-eosin, trichrome, PAS, Oil Red, etc).
    • Preparation of tissue arrays.
    • Image acquisition and analysis using high-resolution colour microscopy and specialist software.


  • Tissue processor (Sakura)
  • Paraffin bath (Sakura)
  • Microtome (Microm)
  • Cryostat (Leica)
  • AS48 autostainer (Dako)
  • Stainer (Sakura)
  • Semiautomatic tissue array
  • Pannoramic MIDI BF scanner
  • Vertical microscope, high-resolution camera and analysis software


Histopathology technique form

Biobank service form

Last update: 13 de June de 2019