Genomics and Transcriptomics

Genomics Laboratory

Technical staff

Elena Serrano
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  • Next-generation sequencing: complete transcriptome, RNA-Seq, Ampli-Seq, ChIP-Seq, sequencing of amplification and microorganism sequencing and identification.
  • Capillary sequencing: mutation analysis, microorganism identification and cell line validation.
  • Fragment analysis: microsatellite instability, loss of heterozygosity in studies of pathological conditions, mutation detection and genotyping, gene copy quantification, methylation studies and studies of polymorphisms associated with disease states.


  • Ion Torrent S5 Next Generation Sequencing System.
  • Ion OneTouch (TM) System.
  • 3130xl Genetic Analyzer capillary electrophoresis sequencer.

Transcriptomics Laboratory

Technical staff

Sandra Camino
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  • Affymetrix microarray hybridization and analysis
  • Expression profiles for RNA and micro-RNA in normal, disease and treatment conditions.
  • Loss of heterozygosity, analysis of copy numbers and detection of mutations throughout the genome.
  • Linkage and association studies of the whole genome.
  • Real-time quantitative PCR (gene expression, allelic discrimination). Evaluation of nucleic acid quality.
  • Quantification of nucleic acids (Bioanalyzer, Nanodrop).


  • Affymetrix array platform (upgrade 7G).
  • Real time quantitative PCR ABI 7900HT (384-well plates and TLDA).


  • IRHSCSP. “Affymetrix Microarrays System”. Co-funding: FEDER.
  • IRHSCSP. “Real time quantitative PCR ABI Prism 7000”. IF02/3693. Co-funding: FEDER.
  • IRHSCSP. “DNA genetic analyzer and protein arrays platform for the Genomics and Proteomics area of the Technical Laboratory for scientific and technical support”. IF07/3675-1. Co-funding: FEDER.


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