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The Sant Pau Research Institute (IR Sant Pau) and the UAB create the Joint Research Unit in Genomic Medicine UAB – IR Sant Pau

The Research Institute of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and the Autonomous University of Barcelona have created the Joint Research Unit in Genomic Medicine UAB - IR Sant Pau with the aim of...
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Sant Pau applies a pioneering technique that avoids bleeding in intracranial biopsies.

The Neurosurgery Service of Sant Pau applies a new surgical technique that prevents bleeding during and after an intracranial biopsy. Through the same cannula with which the biopsy is performed, neuro...
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A nanoparticle is able to enter cancer cells by selectively eliminating them, without any effect on healthy cells

Researchers from the Networked Biomedical Research Centre for Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN), the Sant Pau Research Institute (IIB Sant Pau) and the Autonomous University ...
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Rercerca de Sant Pau galardonada con las VII Becas Gilead a la Investigación Biomédica

  Los proyectos liderados por los Dres. Pere Domingo, coordinador del Grupo de investigación en VIH y AIDS y jefe clínico de VIH de la Unidad de enfermedades infecciosas del Servicio de Medici...
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Israel Fernández Cadenas Vice President of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium

Israel Fernández Cadenas, principal investigator of the Pharmacogenomics and Neurovascular Genetics group of the Sant Pau Hospital Research Institute, has been elected Vice-Chair of the International...
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