Advanced Medical Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, and Imaging-Guided Therapy

Main lines of research

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantitative Medical Imaging Advances and Radiomics
  • Innovative Imaging Technologies
  • Image-Guided Therapy 3D Imaging and Surgical Planning
  • Design and Testing of Medical Devices


Increasing knowledge in the implementation of digital technologies in healthcare through the design and testing of tools supporting clinical and radiological decision-making, based on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Promoting the development and use of advanced biomarkers in medical imaging, including new acquisition methods, techniques, or procedures, especially quantitative and omics biomarkers.

Encouraging the use of advanced imaging technologies and 3D printing for the enhancement of educational resources and clinical-surgical planning.

Enhancing participation in national and international research networks focused on diagnostic imaging, as well as fostering collaboration in multidisciplinary research teams.

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