Main lines of research

Critical analysis of new clinical technologies

  • Anaconda-inhaled sedation in patients undergoing postoperative mechanical ventilation.
  • New monitoring systems for anaesthesia depth and cerebral oxygen status.

Perioperative medicine

  • Epidemiological study of perioperative morbidity and mortality

Rationalization of perioperative fluid therapy and blood products

  • Institutional protocolization of massive transfusions.
  • Monitoring of critical perioperative coagulopathy.
  • Identification and recovery from preoperative anaemia.
  • Study of the Prevalence of perioperative transfusions.
  • Monitoring of perioperative fluid therapy.

New health service delivery systems

  • Professional team preoperative evaluations.
  • Zero preoperative stay.

Physiology, pharmacology and anaesthetic techniques

  • Intraoperative respiratory physiology.
  • Peripheral nerve blocking for postoperative analgesia in CMA.
  • Lipid Rescue due systemic complications after ALR.


  • Critical analysis of new clinical technologies.
  • Patient blood management.
  • Perioperative medicine.
  • Development of new health service systems.
  • Clinical and preclinical research into physiology, pharmacology and anaesthetic/ analgesic techniques.

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