Lipids and Cardiovascular Pathology

Main Lines of Research

  • Molecular mechanisms involved in the modulation of the receptor LRP1 by cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Impact of LRP1 in the vascular and myocardial cholesterol entrapment.
  • Impact of atherogenic dyslipemia in LRP1 intracellular signaling in cardiovascular cells exposed to normoxic and hypoxic conditions and in vivo models of ischemia.
  • Lipoproteins and diabetic myocardiopathy.
  • Lipoproteins and breast cancer.
  • LRP1 and inflammation.
  • Non-coding RNAs as circulating biomarkers of atherosclerosis and myocardiopathies.
  • Non-coding RNAs as biomarkers of vascular and myocardial lipid accumulation.


  • To perform in vivo and clinical studies useful to demonstrate the role of LRP1 in the cardiovascular system.
  • To maintain and expand our collaborative network with IIB-SantPau groups and with clinical, academic and entrepreneur institutions required to increase the traslationality of our research area.
  • To expand our international collaborations.
  • To establish new collaborations with companies able to strategically contribute to develop innovative products essential to advance in the diagnostic and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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