Feb'24 26


18:30 h New talk at the CC Vil·la Urània: Tuberculosis, a disease of the present – Raquel Prieto

On Monday, February 26 at 18:30 h, Raquel Prieto, Nurse of the Epidemiology Service of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, will give a talk  at the Vil·la Urània Civic Center about  the tuberculosis disease in the present.

Tuberculosis was in 2021 the second cause of death by a single infectious agent after Covid-19. In Barcelona it continues to be a public health problem with 14.9 cases / 100,000 inhabitants notified in 2021. In addition, there is a decrease that is irregular so that it is observed in men but not in women, where there has been an increase, and in groups in a situation of vulnerability.

The aim of this talk is to highlight a problem that exists and that requires great efforts from Salut Publica if we want to achieve SDG 3 of the 2030 Agenda and the objectives of the WHO End-TB Strategy to reduce tuberculosis mortality by 95% and incidence by 90%. We will delve into differentiating between latent tuberculosis infection that means that the person is not ill and therefore cannot entrust the disease and active tuberculosis. On the other hand, the importance of both patient follow-up and the study of contacts in the different scenarios in which the patient moves will be explained.

Adress: C/Saragossa, 29, 08006 Barcelona

Time: 18:30 h – 20:00 h


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