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Determine the relationship between cholesterol and thyroid cancer

Determine the relationship between hi and cholesterol and thyroid cancer. This is the object of the investigation that is being investigated by the Hospital Sant Pau de Barcelona. From the overweight and obesity, it was known that cholesterol is related to each other, but the paper that plays exactly is disconnected. That is what the researchers from Sant Pau would again rewire in the micromecenatge project. Eugènia mato leads this research look for a model robust potent that in ajudés not només to conèixer also s’hi They could be l’inici d’aquest tumors or pogués fer doncs ajudés to l’augment de la seva agressivitat The importance of cholesterol to l ‘ Appearance or creixement of thyroid cancer may act preventive amb ambiencies periòdics de pes The blood of the thyroid model to detect the malaltia in faci molt incipient in case that followed the thyroid cancer is the most frequent of the endocrine system every any diagnosis 120,000 to tot el món 90% als 40 to 10% reson són molt agressius i register a high mortality rate. Cadena Ser


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