Eduard Gallardo, new head of the Sant Pau CIBERER group

Dr. Eduard Gallardo has been appointed group leader of the U762 CIBERER (Centre for Research on Rare Disease Networks) in Sant Pau, replacing Dr. Isabel Illa. This research group specializes in neuromuscular diseases.

Since 1993, Dr. Gallardo has been working in the field of desinmune neuropathies, myasthenia, inflammatory myopathies and muscular dystrophies, specifically in dysferlinopathies. He has published over 100 articles in scientific journals in the field of neuromuscular diseases and has been a principal investigator in 12 research projects.

The research carried out by this research group at CIBERER de Sant Pau is clearly translational, which has led to the development of multiple diagnostic techniques that have been incorporated into the Hospital de Sant Pau’s laboratory test portfolio.

The goals achieved in the laboratory, together with the work of excellence in the clinic of the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of the Hospital de Sant Pau, led by Dr. Isabel Illa, have led the group to be highlighted as a unit of excellence in Spain (CSUR) –– and in Europe (ERN).

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