Sant Pau studies on the response to innate immunity against cancer

A study of Servei d’Hematologia de Sant Pau and the Complutense University of Madrid (UNC) reveals that the rhG-CSF factor has one innate immunological effect for a cancer-fighting disease. L’estudi “Antitumor effect of sustained neutrophilia induced by rhG-CSF in a murine model of pancreas” Ha sortit publicat to the prestigious journal Scientific Reports of the group Nature.

Dr. Juan Carlos Souto, Deputy Head of the Haemostasis and Thrombosis Unit of the Hematology Service of Sant Pau, coordinator of the Thrombosis and Hemostàsia Group of the Research Institution of Sant Pau and member of the Josep Carreras Institution. , Antonio Brú, the title of the Faculty of Mathematics of the UCM, the researcher responsible for the research.

Sant Pau has published an experimental part of the investigation and the mathematical modeling of the tipus of necrosi tumoral observat i l’estadica s’ha realitzat to the UCM. The “search seeks to demonstrate the antitumor role of innate immunity, enough men but finishes for international research” (focused on acquired or specialized immunity). If the hypothesis is confirmed, the strategies of tractament dels tumor sòlids are likely to be much cheaper than the current ones, more effective and less ambitious, “says Dr. Souto.

On the website, the immunological terraces have focused on the international scientific community with a proposal of effective therapies for combat. If most of the statistics focus on adaptive immunity, innate immunity will accumulate successes for the treatment and therapeutic practice against cancer.This is a report of tumor growth that indicates the existence of a study of PLOS ONE pel mateix grup d’investigació.of an “immune threshold” that separates pro-and anti-tumor peritumoral statesInflammation “which is the theoretical marker of the cancer tract and the owners of innate immunity”, which is the first time that the “immune system” has been designed in a circumstance that marks the difference between ease of use and privacy .

To the photograph the dra. María Virtudes Céspedes, PhD. Researcher Miguel Servet i IP of the Grup d’Oncologia Ginecològica i Peritoneal of the Institute of Research of Sant Pau i col·laborator in the research and Dr. Souto.

PLoS ONE 2018 Bru immunological threshold[1]

Sci Rep 2019 Brú G_CSF in murine model of pancreatic cancer[1]

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