The Research Institute selected for funding under the Caixa Impulse programme

The project “Androgen receptor dimerization inhibitors as a new therapy against prostate cancer“, of the Saint Paul Research Institute and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG) / UB Transfer Office, has been selected to receive a grant from the Caixa Impulse program.
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A project that seeks to develop new drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer (antiandrogens), with an innovative mechanism of action (MOA). For this project “we start from the dimeric androgen receptor (AR) structure, published last year (Nadal et al., Nature Communications 2017). From there, we have characterized by X-ray crystallography the union of small molecules capable of interfering with the dimerization of RA, and that therefore, are hits for the development of new antiandrogens “, Pablo Fuentes Prior, researcher of the group of Molecular Bases of Diseases at the Research Institute of Saint Paul. This project is co-lead by Dr. Eva Estébanez Perpiñá of IBUB (Institute of Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona).

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