A group of citizens visit the La Marató project at the Research Institute of Sant Pau

Dr. Josep Julve, from the research group Cardiovascular Risk Metabolic Bases, from the Research Institute of Sant Pau, explained the project funded by La Marató de TV3 in which he is working on a group of interested citizens.

“Diabetic cardiomyopathy” is a common cause of heart failure in diabetic patients. Currently, specific biomarkers are not available to make their diagnosis precocious or to predict their clinical evolution. The objectives of the study, funded by the Fundación La Marató de TV3, are to study the contribution of LDL lipoproteins modified in the pathogenesis of this cardiomyopathy in experimental models and identify circulating biomarkers of the lipid metabolism, related to the accumulation of fat In the heart and heart function disorders, which can be used for early diagnosis and the clinical prognosis of this cardiomyopathy in patients.

This project is part of a joint initiative between researchers from the Research Institute of the Sant Pau Hospital (Dr. Josep Julve) and the Institute for Research in Health Sciences Germans Trias i Pujol (Dr. Núria Alonso).

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