An application to improve the preparation of surgical patients receives a Impacte Program grant of CIMTI

The PreparatB project, led by Dr. Miriam Armora Verdú, researcher of the Nursing Care Research Group of the Research Institute of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau – IIB Sant Pau i cap d’Infermeria de Procés d ‘Surgical Care of the mateix hospital, has been selected for a grant from the Impact Program granted by the Center for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technologies (CIMTI).

The project, in which the nursing teams of Sant Pau led by Montserrat Serra Blanch and Cecilia Díez García have also participated, consists in the development of a digital health tool whose main objective is to empower the patient in the forest self-healing during the surgical preparation process in order to arrive at the intervention with the maximum security according to the guides, notifications and verification systems. In addition, this application helps to reduce the number of cancellations of surgical procedures due to the inadequate preparation of the patients.

The computer science has been designed by Dr. Armora as part of her doctoral thesis and tested by a pilot study carried out at the hospital.

Now, thanks to the collaboration between the Technological Transference and Innovation Unit of the Sant Pau Research Institute and the hospital, the project will enter a phase of maturation with the aim of preparing the line to integrate the two different systems of clinical histories of various hospitals. In addition, it will seek to extend its usability to other platforms –such as iOS– and test it in a real hospital environment in order to define the transfer strategy to the market.

The support from CIMTI will be of 15 months in which it will receive specialized mentoring in areas such as the development of the business plan, regulatory aspects, technological assessment and market studies, among others.

The main objective of Impacto Program is the acceleration of innovative projects in the field of health and social and is especially oriented to those who are between phases 3 and 5 of development.

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