Research Networks

Participation in scientific networks is essential to excellence in research. The HSCSP-IR participates actively in a number of major national and international networks.


The CIBER is a public research consortium created by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), whose aim is to promote excellence in biomedicine and health research performed within the Spanish national health system and the science and technology system. Concentrated in the CIBER are interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research efforts and resources, with financial resources earmarked for knowledge networks formed by research centres and groups dependent on various public and private institutions and bodies.

CIBER-NED is a CIBER research organization with a legal personality, which conducts research into neurodegenerative diseases.



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Currently, 13 HSCSP-IR groups (15 if the IIB Sant Pau is considered overall) actively participate in CIBER-NED and in eight other CIBER thematic areas: CIBER-BBN, CIBER-DEM, CIBER-EHD, CIBER-ER, CIBE-RES, CIBER-ESP, CIBER-OBN and CIBER-SAM. This participation reflects the quality and high standards of the HSCSP-IR research groups and the impact of the social issues and diseases investigated by its researchers.


CIBER Website IR Research Group Principal Investigator
ciber-bbn Oncogènesi i antitumorals Dr. Ramon Mangues
Endocrinologia i diabetes Dr. Rosa Corcoy
ciber-dem Malaltia metabòlica i risc cardiovascular


Endocrinologia, Diabetes y Nutrición

Dr. Francisco Blanco


Dr. Didac Mauricio

ciber-ehd Patologia digestiva Dr. Carlos Guarner
ciber-er Pediatria Dra. Isabel Badell
Malalties genètiques Dra. Montserrat Baiget
Malalties neuromusculars Dra. Isabel Illa
Malalties de la hipòfisi Dra. Susan Webb
cibe-res Malalties respiratòries cròniques Dr. Vicente Plaza
ciber-esp Epidemiologia clínica i serveis sanitaris Dr. Xavier Bonfill
Desigualtats en salut** Dra. Carme Borrell
Malalties transmissibles** Dr. Joan Caylà
ciber-sam Psiquiatria clínica Dr. Víctor Pérez
ciber-ned Neurobiologia de les demències Dr. Alberto Lleó
Malaltia de Parkinson i trastorns del moviment Dr. Jaime Kulisevsky
**Group from the Public Health Agency of Barcelona

Last update: 18 de November de 2020

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