Feb'24 14


18:00 h New Talk at CC Guinardó: New way to prescribe antibiotics in respiratory infections – Dr. Pablo Alonso Coello, Dra. Gemma Mas Dalmau & Dra. Mariam de la Poza

On Wednesday, February 14 at 18h, Dr. Pablo Alonso Coello (Specialist in Family and Community Medicine; Miguel Servet researcher of the Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services research group of the IR Sant Pau and the Cochrane Iberoamericano Center; head of the Clinical Practice Guides area, and the GRADE Center) and Dra. Gemma Mas Dalmau (PhD in Methodology of biomedical research and public health; diploma in Nursing and degree in Sociology; coordinator of the Research Group in Nursing Care at IR Sant Pau and professor at the University School of Nursing Sant Pau) and Dra. Mariam de la Poza (Specialist in Family and Community Medicine; Medical Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona; Family doctor and tutor of residents of the Teaching Unit of Barcelona, in the doctor Carles Ribas CAP; President of the Spanish Society of General and Family Medicines, Catalonia), will give a talk at the Guinardó Civic Center titled “A new way of prescription antibiotics in respiratory infections: for more responsible consumption”.

Antibiotics are not necessary in most respiratory infections such as bronchitis, pharyngitis or otitis that we consult with our primary care professionals. However, antibiotics are often used in these infections, which causes microbes to become resistant to these drugs and lose efficiency when we really need them. This problem is one of the main health challenges of today’s world population. In this context, researchers from IR Sant Pau together with family doctors, paediatricians and nurses from primary care centres throughout Spain have studied a new strategy to improve the good use of antibiotics: the differentiated prescription of antibiotics. In this strategy the patient and time are key.

Adress: Rda. Guinardó, 113-141 Barcelona 08043

Time: 18:00 h – 19:00 h


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