Prof. Lina Badimon, awarded by the European Association of Cardiovascular Pathology

Professor Lina Badimon, Director of the Cardiovascular Disease Research Area and the Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics of Atherothrombotic and Ischemic Diseases research group at the Research Institute of Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau – IIB Sant Pau, has been awarded the Michael J. Davies Prize at the 10th Congress of the European Association of Cardiovascular Pathology (EACVP), which took place this week in Padua, Italy.

Coinciding with the presentation of this award, Professor Lina Badimon gave a lecture titled “A Journey into Atherosclerotic Plaque: From the Laboratory to the Patient.” The presentation will focus on advances in understanding and characterizing atherosclerotic plaque, the cellular, molecular, and genetic processes involved in its progression, and how these processes contribute to the transformation of this silent arterial lesion into clinical ischemic syndromes. Finally, existing therapeutic advances and targets that do not yet have treatment will be discussed.

Today, Professor Badimon is one of the world’s leading researchers in arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. After completing her postgraduate studies in Spain, she spent 15 years in the United States conducting various studies on atherosclerosis and myocardial lesions resulting from ischemic episodes at prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Harvard Medical School. Upon her return to Spain in the mid-1990s, she continued to explore cardioprotection processes in the context of myocardial infarction.

Throughout her distinguished professional career, Professor Badimon has made significant advances in understanding the complexity of atherosclerosis, which plays a pivotal role in most cardiovascular diseases—the leading cause of death worldwide—and in identifying innovative and groundbreaking strategies.

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