Un article de la Dra. Maria Borrell, destacat com a Editor’s Choice per la revista Cardiovascular Research

A research work by Dr. Maria Borrell, from the Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics of Atherothrombotic and Ischemic Diseases group at the Sant Pau Research Institute, has been recognized as Editor’s Choice by the prestigious journal Cardiovascular Research. The article highlights important advances in the understanding of cholesterol homeostasis in the brain and its impact on neuronal function.

Dr. Borrell, along with Drs. Aureli Luquero, Gemma Vilahur, Teresa Padró and Lina Badimon, have explored the regulation of cholesterol homeostasis in the brain and the role of lipoprotein receptors of the LDL receptor family (LRPs) in neuronal cells. Using murine models and cell lines, the research team analyzed the expression of LRP5 and components of its downstream signaling pathway, the canonical Wnt pathway, in the context of intracellular lipid accumulation and neuronal function.

The findings reveal that, although LRP5 expression increases in response to lipid loading in neuronal cells, this receptor does not significantly participate in cholesterol homeostasis. However, LRP5 has been shown to trigger the canonical Wnt signaling pathway in neuronal cells, generating pro-survival signals. Furthermore, the results suggest a protective role of LRP5 against oxidative stress and apoptosis in neurons.

This study provides new insights into lipid transport and accumulation in neuronal cells, as well as signaling mechanisms involved in neuronal survival. The results have important implications for the understanding of neurodegenerative disorders and the development of new therapeutic strategies.

Recognition as Editor’s Choice by Cardiovascular Research underscores the relevance and impact of this work in the field of cardiovascular and neuroscience research. Dr. Borrell and her team continue to advance the understanding of the fundamental biological processes underlying cardiovascular and neurological diseases, offering new perspectives to improve human health.

Reference article

Maria Borrell-Pages, Aureli Luquero, Gemma Vilahur, Teresa Padró, Lina Badimon, Canonical Wnt pathway and the LDL receptor superfamily in neuronal cholesterol homeostasis and function, Cardiovascular Research, Volume 120, Issue 2, January 2024, Pages 140–151, https ://

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