Barcelona Breast Meeting 2019

From 12 to 15 March, the Plastic Surgery Service of the Hospital de Sant Pau – Hospital del Mar is organising the Barcelona Breast Meeting 2019 (BBM 2019), an international meeting with more than 40 world experts and more than 400 specialists, where new advances in oncoplastic, restorative and aesthetic breast surgery will be discussed.

For the first time BBM 2019 will host the International Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference (IBC4), one of the most important breast cancer conferences in the U.S. organized by the prestigious Georgetown University – Washington.

During BBM 2019 there will also be a session of the International Brest Surgery Alliance (IBSA), an independent association made up of the world’s leading experts in breast surgery. This session will be held in conjunction with leading companies in the medical industry that produce implants, to deepen the relationship between breast implants and the risk of developing anaplastic cell lymphoma – large cells.

One of the most innovative topics to be addressed at BBM 2.019 is how to achieve a reliable mastectomy technique with skin and nipple conservation to ensure a better quality of life by ensuring the best results in subsequent reconstructive surgery.

For the first time in Spain, a type of live surgery for more than 400 specialists from all over the world, mastopexy with structural support. It is a technique that uses biological and / or synthetic matrices that reduce the fall of the chest and ensure a better evolution of the surgery over time.

Innovative techniques such as:

– Hybrid reconstruction combining implants or vascularized tissue and fat grafts with stem cells.

– Lymphedema prevention surgery with immediate reconstruction of the T-LAR lymphatic system. This surgical technique of lymphedema prevention with immediate reconstruction of the T-LAR lymphatic system was developed by the Joint Service of Plastic Surgery of Sant Pau and the Sea and has subsequently been implemented in other centers of reference in the State and the world, such as the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston, University Hospital of Harvard Medical School.

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